Pantone Interviews James Rudolph, Senior Industrial Designer at Farm about Designing CAPSURE

by Kevin Minott

The Pantone Color Institute Helps ‘HeForShe’ Select PANTONE 18-1945 Bright Rose as the Perfect Color for Their New Campaign

by Kevin Minott

Bringing Fashion to the People: Le Suite Boutique

by Kevin Minott

Nuprimary: New York City Textile Studio Wins Pantone’s Make it Brilliant℠ Instagram Contest

by Kevin Minott

Fashion Illustrator Marina Gomes Speaks about Winning Pantone’s Make it Brilliant℠ Instagram Contest

by Kevin Minott

Barbour and Pantone Collaborate to Bring Color to the Countryside

by Kevin Minott
For Spring-Summer 2014, British heritage and lifestyle brand Barbour is celebrating its new collaboration with Pantone®, the world-renowned authority on color. Read more

YUPO – a Natural Choice for Pantone

by Kevin Minott

Pantone Announces Partnership with Kravet

by Kevin Minott

23 Years of Color, Love and Pantone: A Mother’s Day Tribute

by Kevin Minott

Pantone Make It Brilliant ℠ Instagram Contest

by Kevin Minott
The only thing better than finding color inspiration is sharing it with the world. That’s why we created our Make It Brilliant Contest! This spring we’re inviting artists and color lovers to send in their most creative expression of ‘Make It Brilliant’ via photos shared on Instagram. Everyone who shares will be eligible to win valuable Pantone merchandise. Read more

BK’s Finest

by Joseph Arzuaga
The New York art scene crowns a new king: Brian Kirhagis, a/k/a BK The Artist. Read more

Artist Edition Covers Now on PANTONE PLUS Products

by Tim Young
Members of the Pantone creative community provide a new look for a classic line. Read more
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