Pantone Launches “Make It Brilliant”

by Pantone

This week, Pantone launched a new advertising campaign, Make It Brilliant, an evocative visual brand campaign designed to represent Pantone’s strengths in all things color.

Created for Pantone by NY-based experience design firm Sub Rosa, the campaign focuses on advertising the Pantone brand as a whole while also articulating its diverse product offerings for designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, in every art and industry that relies upon on-trend color information and accurate color reproduction.


The print and digital campaign features a display of dancers and various shades of light and color. Instead of using colored backdrops, Sub Rosa’s creative team “painted” the walls with light, which allowed for subtle and infinite color variations. To bring the brilliance story to life, a human element was added by introducing dancers on set to represent the human-centered and emotional aspects of design.


The campaign was created in a triptych style, symbolizing Pantone’s three core product lines: Graphics, Fashion & Home and Industrial Design. Through light and prop placements, the creative team visually conveyed a one-dimensional experience in the left triptych for Graphics, a two-dimensional experience in the middle triptych that represents Fashion & Home, and three-dimensional space in the third triptych representing Industrial Design.


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