Orientations: Global Overview A/W 14/15

by Pantone View

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This winter season sees a celebration of the enjoyment of color in rich self-expression and lyrical vibrancy. The human touch is never far away, even in those aspects that are ground-breaking and that offer us unforeseen opportunities to create fresh viewpoints.

Our color palettes reflect the transformations ahead. We are hurtling towards times of great change in all areas of our lives and so it is necessary to travel in two differing directions: one that is radically future facing, while the other centers on the comfortable and familiar, the natural and calm, the peaceful and reflective side of life.



We dip into the future and are inspired by revolutionary developments that are driving the worlds of science and design. Here we explore color that is affected by light, a compendium of profound luminous blues that investigate the depths of space and reflect the incessant quest to travel into new groundbreaking territories.



The desire to create, make, paint and assemble is deep within us, and so the workshop and artist’s studio are inspiration for this collection of rich hues.



‘Made to be made again’: vegetal and dry tones evoke a memory of a life before. Preserved surfaces that speak of perpetuation and revival. This is about recoverability and thinking of the future through conserving and reusing.



The rhythmic beauty of the verdant landscape becomes our inspiration for this rich palette of yellowed greens, khakis and mud browns. The richly generous colors are all enveloping, camouflaged and dense: mossy velvety tones sitting among sturdy browned hues.