Orientations: Accessories Fall/Winter 14/15

by Pantone View


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A cross-trend element transmits a new concept of aesthetics either through a hyper-ornamental aspect with marked ethnic-local references or by the geometrical nature of the proportions.


Color assumes a careful, well-balanced function, geared to creating perfect symbolic and stylistic harmony, alternating accessories in plain colors enhanced with touches of contrasting color, or complex and elaborate multicolored harmonies.


The innate spirit of creativity and know-how takes its strength from tradition, and develops into a challenge geared to creating modern accessories using classic materials.


It is inspired by the natural, earthy shades of leather, which create an amazing and unique range of warm, sophisticated browns.


Sensual nuances, deep and full-bodied, are warmed by the typical orange shade of classic leather upholstery. A return to the basic form, where the true protagonist is the natural luster of leather, combined with unrefined and typically hand-made details, such as the welt made with deliberately visible stitching.


In the handicraft sector, which reaches beyond the in-built obsolescence of fashion trends, ars sutoria is the value sought after by the new contemporary connoisseur.

This article was adapted from, Pantone’s new online color trend service for all areas of design.