Trends: Color – The Neutral State

by Pantone View

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CONCEPT + INFORMATION: Oltmans Van Niekerk


The world around us is changing fast. Technology breakthroughs will bring changes we cannot even imagine now. It is easy to get carried away by all the new influences and possibilities.

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What is needed is an objective way of thinking, a neutral state of mind.

It is about seeing beyond the surface so you can respond beyond the positives and negatives. Taking in consideration the short-term and long-term effects of your actions. Living life within a much broader context and to hold a larger vision. To be able to divide the significant from the insignificant and not to react to the delusion of the day.

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Being neutral is a lifestyle statement. It means remaining independent, not going with the flow or against it. Not letting yourself being influenced by highs or lows, good or bad, fads and trends but being balanced and stable, untouched and pure.

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Nature is neutral, it gives and takes. We are rethinking our influence and place in the natural world. We realize that we are dependent on natural systems. We try to live a climate neutral life, to live consciously and not to leave a carbon footprint. Think about your actions, your possessions and the things you buy.

Neutral makes you stand out from the crowd. This might sound like a contradiction but in the blur of information and impressions the quiet is noticed. The understated elegance gives a neutral look a timeless feeling that makes you look twice.

A person that is wearing neutral colour represents confidence. If you are in a neutral interior your are not distracted, it brings peace of mind.

The neutral palette does not catch your eye and leaves enough room for the material or the person wearing neutral colours to be noticed.

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Neutral colours are pure and alive. The shades we refer to are light tones with a hint of colour, not just creme or beige. The meaning of neutral colours is “no colour” but technically neutral colors do have an undertone of colour, warm and cold. Neutrality is a base for our thoughts, creativity and identities to flourish.




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