Trends: London Retail – Spring-Summer 2013 – Part Two

by Pantone View

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As an overdue spring finally emerges in London, we are desperate for some warming rays of sunshine yellow and hot turmeric and ochre.

The yellow family continues to be on-trend for 2013. From rustic warming ochre to sharp bright citrus pops, yellow is a key color for both fashion and interiors. I am seeing it for boys’ and girls’ wear, in graphics and display, and also in furniture and paints. Yellows look wonderful against our ever-evolving backdrop of grays and neutrals. But we are also beginning to see yellow emerging in a real multi-color family, mixed with raspberry, mint greens and cobalt.

Golden Ochre to Spiced Turmeric

Golden ochre tones are key for interior paint shades – a rich color family perfect for feature walls against soft grays and neutrals. I love this hand-painted color card from Porters.

Blooming 1

The spiced yellow family continues for menswear, on rustic linens, casual chinos and denim leg wear. Teamed back with stone and concrete grays, turmeric levels really lift the foundation palette this season. Rustic finishes and ethnic prints are key in this color group for women’s clothing too, from vintage print pyjama trousers to rustic and chunky hand-knit looks.

Blooming 4

Splashes of golden paint are appearing on feature walls, woodwork and doorways, as backdrops for display in shops such as Anthropologie and Paul Smith, and even in The National Gallery and Leighton House – which truly gives a fresh view to the traditional art on display.

Blooming 2

Citrus Pop to Chartreuse Yellow

The shop windows are fresh with citrus and lemon pops for women and girls. From vintage dresses to tops, skirts and outerwear, tangy rich lemon shades are definitely not the pastels we struggled with last year.

Yellows always work well for childrenswear. This season we see more unusual tones of ochre, gold and caramel yellows emerging, which look newer than the true primary yellows.

Citrus 4

Mix it up with a painter’s palette of fresh and offbeat brights, which must always include vibrant golden yellow. As a patchwork of graphics and prints continue to play a vital role in the current London look, I love this playful use of color both for fashion and for the home.

Citrus 3

Yellows are key pop or accent shades for hot accessories such as patent clogs, yellow school satchels, bright rainwear and even cool cycle backpacks. The hi-top appears in many forms, I love this playful Veja boot in the key combination of gray, lemon, raspberry, mint and bluebell.

Citrus 2

In interiors and shop decor, yellow is being used to draw the eye and focus an area within an environment, whether it is a simple gold stripe cushion or a single chartreuse yellow spray-painted Ercol chair. Use yellow sparingly in the home, for just a touch of humor in a room.

Sunshine to Neon Bright

Sunshine yellow is appearing in graphics and flyers. The Lichtenstein retrospective at London’s Tate Modern is sure to inspire a use of Pop Art motifs and cartoon-like imagery.

Sunshine 3

Neon yellow pops appear everywhere – and neon is set to grow on-trend this summer in London. We love the use of neon against the natural background of either unpolished, pale wood or recycled paper products and packaging.

Sunshine 2

Neon continues to be seen, ranging from these high-end Louboutin brogues to a DIY neon stripe t-shirt.

Sunshine 1

The key with the yellow family is to play with these colors. Use in unexpected places and pair with neutrals or dark backdrops. This color family is not for an allover look; it is for accents and accessories, for pops and pumps, for feature walls and funky shoes. Most importantly, have fun with yellows!

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