Trends: Wall Finishes for 2014/15

by Pantone View

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“Walls are no longer just a neutral backdrop to attention-grabbing furniture; they have an active role to play in setting the stage for rooms where things happen. Paint shades, wall coverings and finishing effects break new ground in 14/15, and in dynamic style.”




This preview contains four trend directions, highly contrasting and totally diverse, linked by a common theme: movement and kinetic energy.

Each color range contains some steady standard neutrals that color large areas and create the right general atmosphere. Daring dashes of bold, energetic shades can then be used as accents to create harmonious combinations with furniture, floors and carpets. A few touches of carefully chosen color and paint can invigorate any space.


The emphasis this season is on movement and dynamic shading, so we have homed in on vigorous marls, tweeds and blurred effects that play games with the eyes. Lively depth and interesting shade changes are found in nature in the precious irregularities of organic growth or in rock formations. These effects are mirrored in unique, hand-crafted objects. The desire is to add personality, fun and entertainment to our environment and our life.


This is a celebration of the fascinating and never-ending cycles found in nature: growth and decay provide continuous change and interest. Organic growth evolves and spreads whereas surfaces erode or oxidize; in both cases, textures and hues illustrate the passage of time and the elements. Colors blend and shift like oil on water or spots and stains; light scatters create iridescence and subtle glitter. Rich and deep shades contain jewel-coloured veins of precious metals that glitter and twinkle, mirroring the clearest, darkest night sky. Drop after slow drop of mineral-containing water results in crystal growth in underground caverns.


Textures and imperfections add credibility and integrity; veins, bark effects, slashes, crinkle and cuts all create organic relief effects that add intensity to shimmering emerald and copper shades. Paint effects suggest rustic, raw and natural surfaces or sprinkle a subtle, precious sheen of copper, gold or bronze over deep, earthy shades.