Trends: Beauty – Spring and Summer 2013

by Pantone View

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“Spring/Summer 2013 is a season of optimism and unrestrained energy…full of surprising contrasts.”



Spring/Summer 2013 is a season of optimism and unrestrained energy, taking us away from our mobile devices to confront our present world, where life is not meticulously programmed and controlled, but full of surprising contrasts. The concept of duality weaves throughout with elements in constant opposition. Somehow within that push and pull, we find an intriguing human element.


SOURCE (Inspiration)

Source draws on the eternal energy of the desert. An expanse of warm, sand tones stretches languidly under a temperamental sky. Earthy orange hues radiate through cloudy grey and misty purple. In the quiet before the storm, a powerful electricity permeates the air, stimulating everything in the atmosphere.


We feel the natural energy of minerals glowing from deep beneath the sand. Textures are rough and grainy with a subtle blend of matte aspects with weathered metallic sheen. A sense of timelessness pervades, blurring the ancient with the contemporary. Amid the serene landscape, there is a nervous anticipation, as we await the soulful beauty of the storm.