by Tim Young

Pantone now has a unique website dedicated solely to color and trend intelligence. PANTONEVIEW.com is a subscription-based color trend and intelligence service that provides visual inspiration, comprehensive color direction and key color insights and analysis from leading color experts.


Whether choosing colors to communicate a brand message, developing palettes for a product line or using color as the medium to establish a mood, selecting the right colors is essential to a successful design strategy. And with the visual nature of social media opening the global borders and relaxing the barriers between different areas of design, color has become the catalyst of cross-design thinking and the connector across all areas of design.


“Color is the one constant element shared by all designers around the world,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, “so we wanted to create a centralized, aesthetically provocative and culturally relevant color resource that would give our global clients the critical and credible color information they need to make more informed color decisions.” Today, people want to connect to what is happening in other design areas. Industrial designers, furniture designers, architects, cosmetic companies and the auto industry have as much to say about color trends as fashion companies.


“Also driving trends are color-savvy consumers, who are looking at color more holistically and are expecting to see the same colors for cars, cosmetics and furnishings that they are seeing on the catwalk, ” said Pressman. “ PANTONEVIEW.COM is a color-centric trend service that unites all areas of design through the shared language of color. By focusing foremost on the world of color, we are able to see the pure color story and connect it to what’s happening across all product and design industries.”


PANTONEVIEW.COM was created in partnership with David Shah, editor of Metropolitan Publishing, noted publisher of color and trend information and color and design consultant for many industries, who serves as the new site’s managing editor. Contributors to PANTONEVIEW.com include experts from all design specialties in every market around the world.


PANTONEVIEW.com offers a detailed perspective on color, offering guidance 6-12 months ahead of a trend, followed up by reporting and analysis/confirmation throughout the season.


Because PANTONEVIEW.com is a digital color intelligence service, it is extremely agile and is able to reflect late-breaking color trends in real time – an important advantage in today’s high-speed, shortened product development cycles.


PANTONEVIEW.com is organized “by view” for easy navigation:

  • Colour View – Color forecasting reports and analysis by product sector across a variety of industries including apparel, home wares, interior design, graphic design, industrial design and food. In Colour View, the common language of color is used to link the community to what’s happening in parallel areas of design.
  • Material View – Comprehensive color direction + regular updates on the science of color, i.e., the machines, dyestuffs and R&D, that will change how we choose and look at color in the future.
  • World View – Regional and geographical color and trend reports providing local viewpoints plus global overviews.
  • Expert View – Experts give their views on what is happening in color in their world or product sector.
  • Future View – Strategic information and a long-term look at the influences that will affect color in the future.
  • News and Events – Color news from around the globe plus live webinars and events featuring PANTONEVIEW.com color experts and special guests.


Subscriptions to the site are reasonably priced, and Pantone is offering a free 30-day trial, so users can take a test drive and preview all the paid content at no cost. You can find out how to join this global color community at www.pantoneview.com.


visit pantoneview.com