“David Bowie Is” Brilliant

by Pantone View

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The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is currently staging “David Bowie Is”. It’s proving the most popular show in the museum’s history, and, even though it runs until the 11th August 2013, you’ll be hard pushed to get a ticket. Why the huge success?

The exhibition, curated by Victoria Broakes and Geoffrey Marsh, looks at Bowie’s broad artistic interests and shows how Bowie has always been at the heart of cutting edge cool and popular culture. The curators of “David Bowie Is” would have been delighted when the 66-year-old quietly dropped a new single into the charts last January. But then, as this immersive and innovative show points out, timing has always been part of Bowie’s brilliance.

It is Bowie’s amazing outfits which will entrance most visitors, and all the iconic ones are here: the pierrot from “Ashes to Ashes”; the fabulously cut black suits from his “Thin White Duke&” period; the brown suit from the “Pin-Ups” sleeve, that a thousand young men have copied; the detailed costumes by Japanese designer, Kansai Yamamoto, and the ripped “Union Flag” tailcoat by Alexander McQueen, a designer Bowie, ahead of trends as ever, picked up on just as he graduated from art school.

The current exhibition might be celebrating Bowie’s past, but he’s still as relevant today as ever. Judge for yourself from our choice of some of the iconic pieces on show.

Bowie 2

Bowie 1wild-boyslife-on-mars-3Huty1578912

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