Social Gaming: Fashion’s Newest Frontier

by Pantone

Social gaming looks to be fashion’s next frontier in the digital space for companies who have already expanded their web presence with editorial content, mobile presence and social commerce. Partnering with DKNY, Fashion Week Live is an interactive social experience designed to engage the fashion industry online.

Fashion Week LiveFashion Week Live

Living exclusively on Facebook, players are challenged to create a career within any facet of the fashion world, from show production and photography to styling look books, runway shows or ad campaigns. Users are encouraged to tap into talents within site parameters as well as network with other players and rise to fame with each challenge. Starting with generic options, as a player progresses up the ranks, a boutique with virtual products and designs will be at their disposal to help them advance in the game.

Shoe company Aldo has entered the mix here too. On their site, Shoe Paradise, players are given 16 pairs of shoes, broken down into four levels with the goal to try on as many pairs as possible within three minutes. If players run out of time, they can gain a bonus three minutes by sharing the game on Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler. Upon completion of the four levels, players are asked to enter their information for a chance to win an actual three-minute in-store shopping spree. Shoe ParadiseShoe ParadiseShoe Paradise Shoe Paradise

And then there is Fashion Hazard, a game in which high-fashion models dodge obstacles – and each other – as they prance down the catwalk. Blending feminine passion with high-octane action, each model is given a storyline and as the competition gets tougher, we see models tripping one another and flying coffee lattes splattering on the screen. With social gamers estimated to hit 74 million in 2013 and 53% of this population predicted to be female, it is no wonder that many companies are stepping up their game.

Fashion HazardFashion HazardFashion Hazard