Happiness is a Balloon

by Laurie Pressman

Looking more like a shaggy dog than living room seating, the “Happy Chair”, created by Israel-based industrial designer Pini Leibovich, is made with thousands of colorful balloons. Taking a playful and unstructured approach with the balloon, a most familiar material, our intellectual barriers melt and pure unadulterated joy springs forth. Quirky, odd and surely whimsical Leibovich and his Happy Chair have captured our imagination, taking us up, up and away.

Pini LeibovichPini LeibovichPini Leibovich

  • http://twitter.com/joannejakab Joanne Watson Jakab

    This chair reminds me of Licorise Goodies Candy – very yummy.

  • Guest

    I did something almost identical, 10+ years ago.

  • http://designabsolu.com/ Benoit Taillefer