Tangerine Tango: Fashion and Beauty

by Keith Recker

Last fall’s Spring 2012 runway shows included interesting hints that orange was the accent of the season. Color-loving designer Rebecca Taylor began exploring oranges in gorgeous, sophisticated ways on the catwalk. It is included in her prints, a handful of statement pieces like her paillete-spangled sweater, and in shoes and accessories. “I love the touches of oranges in our wild rose print dress. Also, I find bright orange feels modern in our perforated styles such as in our cross back sweater,” she recently told Pantone.

Rebecca Taylor

When Pantone complimented Taylor on her pairing of Tangerine Tango accessories with luminous pale yellow-green clothing in the windows of her Soho flagship, she commented, “It feels really cool at the moment … It can read as a neutral – it makes quite a statement. It’s a big trend for Spring.”

Rebecca TaylorRebecca Taylor

It is big indeed. So big that beauty giant Sephora partnered with Pantone in the March 21, 2012 launch of an extraordinary limited-edition Tangerine Tango cosmetics collection that will change how consumers wear, feel and think about orange as a color in beauty.


Tangerine Tango “allows for on-trend, uninhibited expression, while being exceptionally wearable,” says Gilbert Soliz, lead artist for Sephora PRO. “This gorgeous color marries the vivaciousness and adrenalin rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy. Tangerine Tango makes a statement and brings life to every look.”


Sephora sees Pantone’s color leadership as a reassuring factor for consumers looking to embrace a little adventure in their styling: if Pantone recommends a color, consumers are more willing to try it. Sephora builds that recommendation into an accessible choice with product-specific color strategies to make Tangerine Tango work for everyone. Says Soliz, “I always recommend pairing a vibrant shade like Tangerine Tango with neutral shades to make it wearable. Whether you are looking to create a bold look featuring Tangerine Tango, or incorporate this warm color into your everyday look, this collection allows for customized wearability.”

Tracy ReeseAkris

Judging by Fall 2012 runway shows, Tangerine Tango will be with us for a while. Tracy Reese and Akris, for example, sent Pantone’s hot red-orange down the runway in very stylish ways. Both paired Tangerine Tango with deep neutrals of espresso and black, letting the color shine without the distraction of other tones. Betsy Johnson paired Tangerine Tango with characteristic boldness.

Betsy JohnsonTracy Reese

It will be interesting to see where Tangerine Tango goes next.

Tracy ReeseTracy Reese

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