PantoneLIVE: Cloud-Based Color Management

by Tim Young

On March 1st, at a high-profile media and industry event in London’s King’s Place, color company Pantone unveiled the first cloud-based color bank that enables companies to manage color on a global scale.

PantoneLIVE keeps a company’s digital color standards in a secure “ecosystem”, accessible on line by designated production partners instantly, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

So, for example, the color of a product manufactured in Asia will match the color of its packaging produced in Brazil – and both will match the color of the advertising produced in New York. Color is kept consistent, because all of these production partners are accessing the same digital color bank.

Speed to market is also increased, through digital color communication.

“Keeping brand color accurate and consistent is crucial for success in today global marketplace,” said Ron Potesky, senior vice president and general manager of Pantone. “Not only for building a brand’s presence, but as an assurance of quality and authenticity.”

PantoneLIVE was developed in conjunction with Pantone’s parent company, X-Rite, a leading producer of color measurement and control devices and systems for industry. You can read more about PantoneLIVE on Pantone’s website.

Learn More about PantoneLIVE at:

  • Juan Tobar

    Incredibe tecnology, we hope that Pantone dont forget Latinoamérica,