Stories Told in a Single Frame

by Timothy Heyer

This one has been bouncing around for a little while, but each time I stop back for a visit, I find it endlessly fascinating. Movie Bar Code is a Tumblr blog that distills movies into their color essence. By extracting each frame, compressing it into a single row of pixels and rearranging the rows side-by-side, the movie becomes a bar code-like abstract composition of its own.

The result is not only visually stunning, but also allows you to (ok, loosely) follow the story as you scan from left to right. For instance, in the image above, formed from last year’s Tron: Legacy, areas of blue clearly indicate when the action moves between the real world and the computerized world of The Grid. In honor of Halloween, you’ll find Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my favorites, below. Prints of each “bar code” are also available. Hmm, I think Minority Report would look fantastic over my couch…

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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