Ladurée’s Macarons: Les Bonbons Royale

by Tim Young

Ladurée’s macarons are available in many cities around the globe, but there’s nothing like getting these colorful treats at 16 rue Royale in Paris, their birthplace and still home to the “laboratory”, where new flavors are created with skill and élan.


You can always tell you are nearing the bakery because there is a line of fans coming out the door, along the sidewalk, and perhaps around the block. But it moves quickly enough, and soon you find yourself in a richly appointed shop where  the severity of wooden-paneled walls darkened with history are softened and lightened by row upon row of brightly colored cookies, resembling nothing so much as spring tulip fields in the Jardin des Tuileries.


The sight alone of row upon row of colorful cookies is enough to delight – but their flavor and texture is indescribable and simply unforgettable. Ladurée’s macarons are created with almond ganache sandwiched between two cloud-light wafers.


If you can’t visit one of their shops, visit  their charming website.




  • Ammi

    “macaron” …those are not macaroons.

  • Anonymous

    On their website they spell it both ways:

  • Tanya

    nice photography.