Pantone Painters

by Kimberly Palmeter

Earlier this month we were proud to sponsor and attend PRINT’s inaugural Color Conference in New York, the first conference to bring together all walks of creative professionals – in fashion, film, design, theater, photography, food and more – for an exploration of color.

Print's Color Conference

The conference was attended by some of the most engagingly creative minds working in the arts today. But what really set this conference apart was that attendees were able to connect with color in totally new ways.

Interactive stations were set up for dyeing silk scarves, creating custom color palettes, collaging to explore color illusions, and many more hands-on exhibits.

We thought it was the perfect opportunity to let the audience help us to create a work of art. We brought in large canvases and our new paint collection (as well as a very large drop cloth!). The rest was up to the attendees…

Pantone PaintersPantone PaintersPantone PaintersPantone Painters

Refreshment break. What else but…

Cyan CocktailMagenta CocktailYellow CocktailK (Black) Cocktail

…CMYK Cocktails!

Pantone PaintersPantone Painters

Thanks to all of the Pantone Painters!

  • Joan Beiriger

    I absolutely love color and what a fun time attendees at Print’s Color Conference must have had creating with Pantone’s newest paint collection. Also the conference sessions and workshops looked very interesting. Too bad that I live on the west coast and couldn’t attend. Joan Beiriger, Art for Products

  • Jchupinsky

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