by Tim Young

Created as a thesis project by Jonas Pfeil when he was a computer engineering student at the Technical University of Berlin, the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera contains 36 synchronized 2 mega-pixel mobile phone cameras wrapped in colorful padding.

Ball CamBall Cam Tossed

When tossed aloft, it creates a seamless 360°  digital image. Not just a 360° horizontal pan – in EVERY direction – top to bottom, left to right, diagonally… 3D 360°.

Ball Cam Panorama 1

As of this writing, The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera hasn’t been picked up for production. Tch. What a shame. This is one ball that shouldn’t be dropped.

Ball Cam Panorama 2

photos courtesy Jonas Pfeil


  • http://danielbevisportfolio.limewebs.com/ Daniel Bevis

    Tis a sweet concept [and logical next step for Panoramic images] – but selling something that [looks] so fragile whilst being told to throw it [perfectly] vertically above you [not to mention catching it] would make it a hard sell atm methinks.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re right, it probably doesn’t have a lot of practical application. But maybe it’s a step to a more useful product. Combined with a microphone, it could make a great baby monitor.