Gourmet Toothpaste

by Laurie Pressman

As we learn in Viewpoint, edited by David Shah, over this past decade the gourmet trend has pervaded every industry, extending from food and beverage to hair care and beauty. Now it seems that toothpaste has become the latest area to be affected by this gourmet craze.

Hoping to encourage people to brush their teeth, London-based dentists Susan Tanner and Andrew Dawood have introduced toothpaste in favorite food flavors. Dawood and Tanner’s tooth cleansers contain essential oils – as opposed to the synthetic flavors found in many toothpastes – and are available in English peppermint, Sicilian lemon, Brazilian lime and garden mint.

Moscow dental company Splat takes a similar approach and uses natural ingredients such as chili and Russian berries in hopes that caring for one’s teeth will become more enticing. In the end, “toothpaste with taste” is proof that pervasive trends can continue to grow if applied to new fields.

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