Coldplay: More Than “Yellow”

by Kimberly Palmeter

With just a few days until the release of Coldplay’s latest album, Mylo Xyloto (10.24), the band has added a fun feature to their site allowing users to create custom album artwork in their initials to share via email, Facebook, etc.

Mylo XylotoKP

It seems that everything about this latest release is infused with color. The haute hues are splashed, splattered and graffitied. This focus on color was very evident in the video for the first preview single, Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall and Paradise.  The art direction in these EP releases is amazing and the colors create a story by themselves.

Every Teardrop is a WaterfallParadise

If these 2 singles are any indication of what the album has in store for us we will all be enjoying some awesome new tunes next week!

While I was on the site I stumbled into the Exhibition Room, an art share space. A digital art gallery, as they call it. Full of amazing creations from Coldplay fans! Everything from photography and illustrations to videos and more.

Exhibition Room

Coldplay just keeps getting better – or at least more colorful. With this new full-spectrum approach, they certainly have come a long way from Yellow.

  • Stephanie

    Love everything about it!